Wisdom is creating Wisdom - Dogen

Dogen - "We remain unclear because our minds go racing about like horses running wild in the fields, while our emotions remain unmanageable, like monkeys swinging in the trees. If only we would step back and carefully reflect on the horse and monkey, our lives will be one with our work. Doing so is the means whereby we turn things, even while simultaneously we are being turned by them."


Commentary~ When we observe our minds and the truth of the moment, making our fears conscious, seeing that our thoughts are holding us in place, we can be just who we are. When we back out of unreality by witnessing it, we see it for what it is; we fall into reality. At first, we only see it a second at a time, but over time, sitting zazen, we see it more and more. We then see what life is, we are life. Then, we know what we are and we live it.