We are a community of Zen students who sit together on a regular basis to support one another in staying awake, moment-by-moment, to realize and live our true nature, to experience our lives fully.  We have several locations in the Maryland/D.C area so please check our schedule.

Founded by Sensei Rose Mary Myoan Dougherty, One Heart Sangha exists to support the ongoing meditation practice and compassionate presence of its members. Our lineage is that of the White Plum Asanga which was established by Taizan Maezumi Roshi and draws on the teachings of the Soto School of Zen, founded by Dogen Zenji in the 13th century. We are affiliated with the Zen Peacemakers Sangha, founded by Roshi Bernie Glassman.

Our Sangha (Community) fosters multifaith, inter-religious practice in the Zen tradition, provides instruction and regular periods of practice in Zen, and provides residential training for members and interested people. We are a non-profit organization. We have several sitting locations (zendos) in Silver Spring, Takoma Park, and Rockville, Maryland. See Schedule click here

We offer morning and evening weekly sitting meditation (zazen) practice sessions, monthly zen daylong retreats (zazenkai), study groups, and longer residential practice sessions or retreats (sesshin). Zen practitioners, those of other faiths who wish to practice zen, and beginners please join us - we are a welcoming group. We offer introductory sessions on Wednesday nights and at monthly Saturday sittings.

To join our mailing list or for information, contact —registration@silverspringzendo.org.

January 10-12, 2020 Sesshin (Retreat) in Germantown, MD at Wellspring Retreat Center

Zen Beginnings Introduction to Zen Practice for women, November 22-23, 2019, Friday 5:30 pm through Saturday 7:00 pm. One-night residential retreat, in Germantown, MD, to learn about zen meditation. We will practice silent sitting meditation, walking meditation, stretching, sharing with teacher and other students, learning zen stories about women zen ancestors. Click here for more information.


Sensei bob JIN GEN Ertman

Sensei bob JIN GEN Ertman

SENSEI Martine taikai PALMITER

SENSEI Martine taikai PALMITER

Sensei Bob Jin Gen Ertman is the Guiding Teacher for One Heart Sangha, and dharma heir of Rose Mary Myoan Dougherty, Sensei, and a long-time member of the Silver Spring Zendo/One Heart Sangha.  He is currently serving as the guiding teacher for the sangha. He is also a member of the Zen Peacemakers and is grateful for the way it has shaped his practice in all of life. He writes and teaches haiku as a practice of being fully in the present moment. He received the precepts at Boundless Way Zen from James Ford, David Rynick, & Melissa Blacker.  Bob is a retired federal attorney and lives in Annapolis with his wife, Phyllis.  Together they are facilitators of a Mindfulness Practice Group at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis. In his spare time, Bob collects fossils, with his daughter Hallie when he can (They began when she was 4 - she's 34 now). Sensei Bob also practices at many Zen Peacemakers Bearing Witness retreats, and recently coordinated a Street Retreat in Washington DC in September 2018.


Sensei Martine TaiKai Palmiter, dharma heir of Bob Jin Gen Ertman —and long time student of Rose Mary Myoan Dougherty and member of One Heart Sangha, she started her zen practice with Rose Mary in 2003, and has a lifelong practice of yoga. She is currently working in the field of human resources . She hosts the Tea Ladies, a dharma study group in Rockville for those who identify as women, working with The Hidden Lamp: Stories from Twenty-five Centuries of Awakened Women. Martine enjoys cycling, writing, and her garden. She and her partner Vic enjoy cycling. She is exploring the issues of diversity, gender, and race in realizing our humanity and through zen practice and hopes to bring that awareness to others.

Sensei Rose Mary Myoan (“Subtle Peace”) Dougherty (1939-2019), the Sangha's first guiding teacher and founder of One Heart Sangha.  She began her Zen studies with Charlotte Joko Beck and is dharma heir of Roshi Janet Jinne Richardson. She completed the End of Life Counseling Program at Metta Institute in California. She is the founder of Companioning the Dying. She is the author of Discernment (2009), and Group Spiritual Direction (1995). She gave zen transmission to Bill Ji An Dietrich and Bob Jin Gen Ertman. Sensei Bill Dietrich is former co-director of Companioning the Dying: Opening Fully to Living, a program founded by Sensei Dougherty to provide formation and support for those living and working in end of life settings. He is currently Lead Volunteer Chaplain at Delaware Hospice's inpatient unit in Milford, DE. He and his wife Anne live in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where he enjoys gardening and exploring the natural beauty of the Delmarva Peninsula.